Day#1: Don’t get overwhelmed, don’t get overwhelmed, don’t get overwhelmed

Day 1 – University Library

What better beginning for a placement in your Uni library than forgetting your student card and having to ask the private guard to let you in? To quote Tina Turner, simply the best-

Anyhoo, let’s glean over this insignificant instance of my perennial social awkwardness and talk business: how not to get overwhelmed by a humongous amount of information you’re trying to stuff in your brain on your first day.

Basically we didn’t get to do any actual work today, but the introductory part was more than enough to give me a solemn headache. Library management system aside (seriously, why the hell do they still include obsolete functions on those things?), trying to memorise all the different kinds of memberships will be daunting to say the least and I do hope to understand the people that will come up, or I will have to take into serious consideration moving further south and away from Glaswegian accent.

I did enjoy the whole “let’s sit with the librarians in the back” thing, to be completely fair, but I won’t admit I had a light skip in my walk at the end of the day. Manoeuvring the trolleys has probably been the best fun ever, especially trying not to run over students and having zero wiggling space between chairs and shelves.

That’s why I felt like rewarding myself with Sainsbury’s brownies, even though I’m still firmly convinced they put either heroine or cocaine in those little bastards. Can’t explain how addicting they are any other way.


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