When you start forgetting about having studied for a good three quarters of your life in an arrays of shitholes that delude themselves into an array of pompous names, you find yourself getting pissed off by the most minor and inconsistent incidents.

The WiFi in the halls is down, so you curmudgeonly head to the library to get some studying done, because good old fashioned books don’t mean no thing anymore, and you need the internet to read ebooks and download journal articles. But hey! Your uni library is awesome, you keep telling that to everybody and that, where you came from, the library was not even a floor of this one.

Of course, in this giantnormous library you cannot find a seat close to a power outlet for your life. Of course, the only desks close to power outlets are taken, and by people without any evident reason to be so close to a power outlet, unless they’re all cyborgs and at some point will surreptitiously plug their power cod in the wall. It’s like that guy that keeps sitting at the desk right in front of the photocopier, a thing that keeps making me me stop dead in my tracks and go upstairs to the other level because, in fairness, making photocopies wedged between a chair (plus its occupant) and the machine is just awkward.

So you settle for a desk as close as possible to any hole you can plug your laptop into (oh, and did I mention the horrible feeling of seeing a desk beside a window AND a plug, but the plug is broken? I die a little inside everytime I think about it), already dreading the moment when somebody will come over and have you unplug the cord because stepping over it apparently is not an option.

People whispering sounds like you’re trapped in a buddhist monastery, or being followed by an army of old ladies at rosary time or by a bunch of parseltongues gossiping.


All the glaring and scowling and heavy sighing in distress in the world won’t be enough this time, so you either stop being passive aggressive, go up to the nice ladies and silence them with anything at hand, or just turn the volume up and suck it. Ironic how you go to the library for some peace and quiet (and the internet connection of course) because your fine neighbor is so damn noisy that you start thinking walls are not that necessary anymore after all, and then you have to keep blaring music in you ears to cut out unwanted sounds.

The point of this apparently pointless rant is that I was surprised at how quick you get use to having this little luxuries around you, like having your own laptop, having an awesome library,  having classes that actually mattered to you career-wise, having teachers that don’t require students to worship them and address them with their multiple, useless titles. It’s almost a compulsion to whining about something, that same attitude that will let the guilt kick in after one of those tear-jerkers with terminally ill patients or seriously disabled people that keep rockin’, no matter what life throws at them every single day. It makes you really question you sense of morality, all this complaining about the lift being broken for two days, when for some people two steps with no wheelchair ramps is an actual problem.

And all of a sudden this became very serious and insightful. But it’s probably the sky suddenly clouding over that makes me shift towards the depressing and guilt-ridden side of life.


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