1. Clare – School Librarian

I wish I had a library – and a librarian – like this when I was at school!

23 Librarians - and counting!

Clare Hemsworth is a School Librarian in Renfrewshire, dividing her time between Renfrew High School and St Andrew’s Academy.

I was successful in acquiring my first professional post as a school librarian in August last year after working as a library assistant in an independent grammar school and as a children’s bookseller. I started work at the beginning of the academic year and am starting the process to become chartered. I currently work in two state schools, one of which is shared with another librarian.

Working in a school library can be quite an isolating experience, especially during school holidays when you are literally one of only a few people in a building designed for a thousand. There are sometimes days when I don’t physically see another adult until break time. However I have very supportive colleagues, both in the schools I work at and the other librarians who work…

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